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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
July 11 . 2015

Beautiful weather if a bit on the warm side and only in the last hour or two did the humidity make things a bit rough. Conditions were light but variable and the mirage that was present wreaked a bit of havoc for some. A good day overall and, as always a great group of competitors. Brian Fitch tied his all-time best x-count and Rocky Ruby was victim, again, to the heartless creedmore...I know the feeling well, my friend. Orland dumped powder into the trigger and was down for the rest of the match, but filled in for me as range officer as I carried out the score duty. Much appreciated!
Frank Galeck in the factory class had his first taste of benchrest and gave an emphatic "I will return!" at the end of the match. I am paraphrasing, but it seems like the hooks have sunken into yet another hapless vitctim (rubs hands together, laughing mwaaahaha).

Hope everyone got home safe and look forward to the next match in August.

Thanks for everyone's support.