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Maine State 100/200 Yard Championship

Capital City Rifle & Pistol Club

Augusta, Maine
1-2 August , 2015

The winners L-R, Parker Hills, Peter Hills, Randy Jarvais, Jim Paganelli, Allie Euber, & Wyatt Fox.


Great weather until resetting target frames for the 200, when the sky opened for the thundershowers which lasted 45 minutes or so. Winds were less than predicted although there were some gusts at times. Patience was the watch word of the day. Peter Hills continued to put on a show with his Hunter gun besting all but 4 of the VFS class. I shot a beautiful set of 5x targets with all but a few being wipe-outs. No question whats so ever that it is a 25x and time (and record committee) will tell whether it is a new 100 yard record.

Some very finicky conditions for the 200. The lack of any sustainable condition made reliability a very iffy proposition. Even so, four managed to shoot a 250 although x's were tough to come by.



Equipment List

The whole group.