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Maine State 200-300 yd. Championship Match

Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
3-4 October , 2015

Great weekend for our early fall finally with a nice turnout of 30 guns. Early forecast was for rain but that changed on Friday to what promised to be a partly sunny weekend. They got it right this time. Brisk winds for the Saturday's 200 leg made life interesting. Winds were 8-10 mph with gust that were most likely near 15-20. Sunday was a mostly sunny affair with winds increasing and then declining for the afternoon. Guessing they were in the 3-5 mph early morning picking up to the 8-10, then back to the 3-5. For those familiar with Lincoln County Rifle range, that was good news for the 300 leg.

Thanks to all and congrats to the winners,

The winners, Randy Jarvais won the VFS 200 & Grand. He also won the Hunter both Yardages and Grand. John Cascarino, won the VFS 300.

Group Photo

Equipment List