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Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
17 May, 2015

A fairly mediocre day at Damariscotta; rain the night before; light winds until 11 am then the Sun broke through and conditions changed. The mirage was bad before the Sun and terrible after. I had difficulty finding 30 caliber holes using a 60x Leica, I can't imagine what the 6mm people were doing. One long time 6mm shooter couldn't find his holes for the last two matches and just tried to use the same hold as he was doing earlier in the day. It didn't work too well. When the tides changed the wind got switchy and blustery which spells trouble most any where and certainly at Damariscotta. People started dropping 2 points a shot instead of 1. That's an ouch!

Congrats to those who erred the least,


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