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Maine State Firecracker 100-200-300 yd. State Championship Match

Orrington Rod and Gun Club & Lincoln county Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
May 25, 2015

The above photo shows all the winners. Congratulations go to Randy Jarvaiswho was on a roll and won all yardages in both Hunter and VFS classes, quite an accomplishment in anybody's book.

Monday's 300 was even better. Temps reached near or at 80 degrees with 3-10 mph winds that only got stronger as the day progressed, somewhat typical for Damariscotta on a fair day.

Many thanks to the 10 visitors from afar that chose to spend the long weekend with us Mainiacs. You made the weekend very enjoyable and a quick peek of the results only validates how you dominated the standings with your shooting expertise. Hope to see each of you again at this year's 100-200 Nationals at Capitol City in late August.


The whole group


For the 300 Yard portion of this match see Damariscotta results for May 25

Equipment List