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Maryland State 200/300 Championship

Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman's Club

Thurmont Maryland
2-3 May , 2015

May 2nd and 3rd for the Maryland States 200/300 yards turned out to be a beautiful weekend. Starting with tricky conditions on Saturday morning that turned into a dead calm by afternoon. At 200 yards only 4 people were able to shoot a 250 out of 30 shooters. There were 4 Hunter class shooters and 3, 2 gun shooters. 1st for Hunter was Dean Breeden with a 248-7, 2nd was K.L. Miller 245-6 and 3rd Randy Jarvais with 245-5. For VFS, Jim Cline finished 1st with 250-11, Dean Breeden 2nd with 250-10, Roy Hunter 3rd with 250-6, and David Steen 4th with 250-5.

Sunday started out light and easy for 300 yards. The leaders struggled to stay clean when the stronger winds started. In fact no one could earn that sought after 500 sticker. The Hunter class 1st place went to Dean Breeden with a 247-2, 2nd place Randy Jarvais with 243-2, 3rd Orland Bunker 240-1. VFS 1st place went to Hillary Martinez 248-6, James Parham was Creedmoored to 2nd with 248-6, Kim Llewellyn was 3rd with 248-3. Jim Cline put on a incredible display of determination to win which lead him to finish 1st in the grand with 498-14, Dean Breeden 2nd, with 497-14. Hillary Marintez was Creedmoored into 3rd with a 497-14.

Jim Cline won the Grand, as well as the 200yd stage.




Equipment List

James Parham

Kim Llewellyn

Orland Bunker

Randy Jarvais