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Caledonia Forest & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
May 9 , 2015

18 was the lucky number in St. Johnsbury today. The Spring Fling was accompanied by every description of wind other than calm. I haven't looked back through the files, but my recollection is that no one has ever won a match here with as few as 18 X's -- until today. The top three positions in Varmint for Score shot identical 250/18X scores with the pecking order decided by Creedmoor. The win went to Jim Paganelli, second to Tom Benoit and third to Reed Garfield.

In the 6-power class, Peter Hills had the only 250 with 14 X's for the win. Second to Charlie Brock, who put up an excellent 18 X's with the proverbial "open" to get a 249. Denis Thibault took the wood for third back to Quebec with a 244/9X.

Factory class went to Ed Woods with 246/4X and second to Larry Wilkison at 243/3. First time shooter Wayne Smith borrowed a 6 PPC and turned in a 248/13X for a very good showing.

Thanks to all for the support and fellowship.

Reed Garfield