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Caledonia Forest & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
August 15 , 2015

Good day in St. Johnsbury with a couple of light sprinkles and otherwise good conditions. Highlights of the day were Daryl Grant winning his first-ever IBS VHF match with a 250/17X with his trusty 6 BR and Peter Hills continuing his blazing streak with a 250/18X to not only win Hunter class but to also post the high score of the day in any class with his Hunter gun. Peter is doing some of the best shooting of his "career" and it's great to see.

It was an "attitude-testing" kind of day. I probably shouldn't mention that Bob Brooks posted 23 X's ..... with a 249!!! Long day for him.

Jim Paganalli, who has been shooting great and winning matches, dropped a point on his first paper to make his day "just for fun".

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