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Vermont State Meter Championship

Caledonia Forest & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
July 18-19 , 2014

Long, wet, humid day in Vermont that resulted in Peter Hills setting two new potential records in Hunter Class and Randy Jarvais setting a new potential record for Varmint Hunter.

Peter shot a 249/8X for a new potential 200 meter record and a 497/23X Grand Agg Meters

Randy put up a 248/2X at 200 Meters for a new potential Varmint Hunter record.

Rocky Murray had the only 500 of the weekend to win Varmint for Score with a 250/20X. Kim (499/28X) and Herb (499/27X) Llewellyn filled out the Top 3.


100 Meters


200 Meters


Grand Aggregate

Equipment List (added 9/21)