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Vermont State 100/200 yard Championship

Caledonia Forest & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
5-6 September , 2015

The winners, Tom Benoit, Roscoe Murray, Orland Bunker, John Cascarino, David Steen, and Peter Hills.


The Vermont State 100/200yd Championship was held this weekend at. Hot, humid summer weather greeted the shooters with early morning temps in the low 50s and rising into the mid-80s at midday. Slight winds, heavy mirage and plenty of opportunities to hone shooting skills. Randy Jarvais was the hot gun for the weekend, taking the win in both Varmint for Score (500/33) and Hunter Benchrest (498/23). Six shooters posted 500s for the Grand Agg of the 17 250s in Agg-1 and 8 250s in Agg-2.

Reed Garfield



Equipment List (added 9/21)