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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
October 22 . 2016

The annual Bell City Barbecue Bash was held on Oct 22.
The comraderie and the food was great. However the weather wasn't. Temps in the 50s soon dropped into the upper 40s. Add rain and wind most of the day, and staying warm became a challenge.
Gary Slawik came out on top in the VFS class with a 250x16. In the Hunter class, Glen Olenick won with a 247x7. The factory group was won by Bill Gennaro with a 242 x4. The custom group was won by Roger Therrien with a 245X8.
The challenge match between Bell City and Cherry Ridge was won by Cherry Ridge with a1250x54, to Bell City's 1242x59. Once again Cherry Ridge has won both the group and score in challenge! Congratulations to Cherry Hill.
The Bell City Shooter of the year went to Don Cameron. Congratulations Don.
Thanks to Gail and my wife Aimee for the scoring duties. Dealing with wet targets isn't fun.
Special thanks to the target crew, Orlando, Brian, Ron, and Vince. We couldn't do it without you!
Thanks to one and all for participating on a tough weather day. Hope to see you next year.


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