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Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut
April 23 . 2016

The winners, Custom Class – Charles Costa 246-7X, Hunter Class - Orland Bunker 249-16X, VFS Class - John Cascarino 250-20X

It was a clear sunny day for this our first match of the year and some great shooting on display. Yours truly sat this one out to make sure the day ran well and so that I could spend some time with the guys as this may be my last time seeing some of them. My family and I will be moving to Ohio in June and things will only get more hectic as that time approaches. It has truly been a pleasure shooting with all of you and I will miss the range and the fellowship...and beating as well as being beaten by everyone!
I wish you all the best in the years to come, and I hope to see you at a match again someday. Dad and I will be making it up to the firecracker for the 2 and 300yd leg as we both have to work on that Saturday. We have really enjoyed our time up there and for our last hurrah we wanted to make it up there one more time.
Great shooting today, guys.

Mike Suhie

Note: Dave Potter competing as a Rookie