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Connecticut State 100/200 yard Championship Match

Bell City Rifle Club

Southington Connecticut

June 4-5 . 2015

Peter Hills won Hunter class quite handily, while David Steen too top honors in VFS class.

Note above photos are not from this event, they are stock photos.


It was a very interesting weekend of shooting at the Bell City range .Saturday was beautiful with high in the 87 range and tricky winds. Sunday did not provide as much rain as predicted but we did have plenty and have to shoot the last match in an absolute downpour. David Steen dominated VFS all weekend winning both yardages and of course the Grand. In Hunter Mr. Bunker took the lead with a fabulous 250-18x on Saturday, but it was all different on Sunday as Peter Hills was on fire and beat him by 2 points and 5x's in spite of the miserable weather. It was a well run match with Rich Suie taking over as match director from his son Mike who is moving his family to Ohio. Mike will be missed he was the person who spearheaded the drive to get IBS matches back to Connecticut.




Equipment List coming soon.