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Capital City Rifle & Pistol Club

Augusta, Maine
1 May, 2016

Overcast and windy day at Capitol City for the 200 yard event. Evidently a 10# weight is not enough to keep a probe upright as we lost several during the course of the day. After match 2, there were but two shooters still clean. Steen was one of those two and was the show of the day as he led until his last shot when he dropped his 2nd point and allowed someone else to take home the agg. patch. Oh, and his other dropped point was on a 49-4x target. Ouch!

Bunker continues to shoot well as his score would have beaten all but two of the VFS shooters, and certainly outclassed the field in the Htr class. Great job, Orland! Again!

Congrats to the rest of the placements.


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