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Maine State 100/200 Yard Championship

Capital City Rifle & Pistol Club

Augusta, Maine
13-14 August , 2016

Grand Agg winners, Don Cameron and Randy Jarvais

Light showers off and on during the 100 stage while the 200 stage started with foggy overcast followed by sun, wind and 90 degree temps. Tom Benoit shot a VH rifle for the 1st time and led the 100 Hunter stage until his last heartbreaking shot. I bet we can all relate! Other shooters had their issues as well as the match scores at 200 will attest. Only two 500's for the weekend, one in VFS and one in Hunter. Local historian, Orland Bunker thinks it may be the first 250 shot in hunter class at 200 yards at Capitol City, and thus the only 500 in hunter class at Cap City. Further investigation discloses Dave Thomas shot a 500 at the Nationals with a VH rifle in 2011.

Equipment List

Kneeling left to right is Tim Rego, Don Cameron, and myself. Standing left to right is Andy Buzzell, Jim Goody, Orland Bunker, Jim Paganelli, Brian Fitch behind John Cascarino, Tom Benoit, and Peter Hills.