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Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
3 April , 2016

Opening Day 2016 Maine Benchrest Shooting Season

It was cold and windy. Forecast had a severe wind advisory which called for 20-30 mph winds gusting to as high as 50 mph. Temps got into the low 30's. As usual, weather forecasters aren't always right. We did have some pretty good gusts at times, but the wood line helped buffer the high winds. If patient you could find stuff to shoot without holding ridiculously. That being said, only 6 shooters could manage a 250, two being in the Hunter class. A mistake was generally good for at least one ring if not more. There was no such thing as just missing today.

In VFS, Bob Brooks finally broke into the yardage/agg patch crowd with his first yardage win. Bob has won some grand aggs but hadn't gotten the elusive agg patch until today. Bravo! His mentor (or maybe it's the other way around???), Butch Randall shot well enough for 2nd, while Jim Paganelli took third.

In the Hunter class, we had a crowd of 6 with Orland Bunker creedmooring me for first. Third went to Peter Hills.

See Bob, I told you I wouldn't mention anything about the "honey-hole" and I didn't.



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