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Maine State 200/300 Yard Championship

Lincoln County Rifle Club

Damariscotta, Maine
1-2 September, 2016

The winners Randy Jarvais and Wayne France

A great turnout for the Maine State 200/300 Championship and an ending to the Maine score shooting season. We had competitors from Maryland, Ohio, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Canada sharing a good time with the Mainiacs. It was a weekend to remember as previously in the history of this match, there had been only 5 shooters to shoot a 250 at 300 yards and no one had ever shoot a 500. With the wind conditions this weekend, that all changed! Also, with any season ending event, there were many yearly and memorial awards presented beyond the weekend awards.

Wayne France has found that Maine offers more than just "Lobsta". The record shows that each weekend that he visits, he returns with some Maine wood. Wood in the form of plaques that is! He dominated Saturday's overcast soft conditions to shoot a fine 250-14x in the VFS class out distancing a trio of 250-12x. In all the scoresheet showed that there were ten 250's for the 200 leg. The Hunter class had a similar scenario of a spread of 3 x's albeit without the 250's with Randy Jarvais overtaking Peter Hills, 248-10x to 248-7x.

Usually, the winner of 300 leg of this event is a person that best survives the ordeal, but not this weekend. Sunday's weather was even more mild than Saturday's. When the hoorah ended, 4 shooters had managed to shoot 250's with one shooter doing it twice, once with a HVS and again with his LVS. Of those 4, three were also clean on Saturday, thus we had our first 500's of this event, which for the historians, dates back to 1994. The 300 winner was Randy Jarvais followed closely by Brian Fitch. Third went to Allie Euber. Don't ask the 6x power shooters about the soft conditions! Conditions or no conditions, 300 yards with a 6x is a different world! One shooter, however, fared very well and has a potential record for a VH, besting the old by one x.

As for Grand Agg winners, I will let the results or the picture tell the rest of the story.

The pictures will show a multitude of plaques for the aforementioned yearly awards. Unfortunately for most, one person was very greedy.


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