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Orrington Rod and Gun Club

Orrington Maine
August 7 , 2016

Orrington had is once annual 200/100 yard shoot on 8/7/2016. We had a decent turnout and shot 200 yards first then 100 with a bit of a lunch break in between. The humidity finally broke Sunday morning. Temps were in the high 60’s when we started and built to the low 80s. Humidity though was low and it was a gorgeous day for a rifle shoot.

200 yards was hotly contested by Randy Jarvais and Jim Paganelli, with Jim almost giving up first place to Randy when he dropped a point on his last target, but hung in there by out Xing Monsieur Jarvias.

Wind conditions picked up during the middle of the day and the 100 yard leg was a bit testy. Lots of 250’s but hitting the dot was tricky. Lots of “close misses” were recorded and, overall, scores seemed to follow conditions.

Randy Butler, a fairly constant factory shooter at our IBS matches, bit the bullet and bought Henry Chapman’s very nice Panda/Kelbly stock Gary Long smithed rifle. We welcome to the ranks of bona fide benchrest shooters! Henry lost his wife a couple of years ago. He met and married a lady last year and has moved to Florida full time and is no longer shooting. We all miss his enthusiasm, zest and humor.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and supporting benchrest at Orrington Rod and Gun Club.


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