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46th Annual 100/200 Yard National Championship Match

Pine Tree Rifle Club

Johnstown New York

27-28 September, 2016

 IBS Nationals Report by Ken Benton

Welcome to the PTRC
   The 2016 IBS 100/200 Yard Score National Championships were held on the weekend of August 27-28 at the historic Pine Tree Rifle Club located in Johnstown, NY. Nestled between the southern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and the ridges of the majestic Mohawk Valley, the PTRC stands as one of the finest rifle ranges in the northeastern United States. The Pine Tree Rifle Club boasts 39 benches of which 30 are used for IBS competition during the year.
   The historical significance of this year’s event relates to the fact that the PTRC hasn’t hosted a Nationals match in over 30 years and this is the first time a Score Nationals has been hosted on the range. Further, modern benchrest competition had it’s origins on this range as the first BR match was hosted at the PTRC in 1947.
   The weather gods couldn’t have been kinder as blue skies prevailed with warm, humid conditions tempered by light winds. The match and target crews were certainly up for the task handling range duties effectively and efficiently. The kitchen crew prepared delicious meals and sponsorships were very generous as every competitor left with a door prize. Some were lucky enough to win major prizes including gift certificates for two Nightforce Optics 42x44 fixed competitions scopes as well as gift certificates for bullets, barrels, actions, and more. Overall, a very well run, successful, and enjoyable event.
   Fifty-four guns participated in this year’s Score Nationals with 45 entered in Varmint for Score (VFS) and 9 Hunter rifles registered. Six shooters competed for the 2-Gun award. Twelve states were represented in the 2016 IBS Nationals including: CT, FL, MD, ME, MI, NC, NJ, NY, PA, SC, VA, and VT. A special shout out to all travelers from near and far. Thank you for helping us bring the IBS National Championships back to the PTRC.


  Hillary Martinez (MD) was very impressive as she led the charge in a field of 45 competitors in Varmint for Score by capturing the VFS Grand Agg award with a score of 500-33X. Robert Brooks (ME) was second with an identical score of 500-33X (creedmored) while Jim Paganelli (ME) finished third with a 500-29X. Earning fourth and fifth place finishes respectively were Wayne France (VA) with a 500-28X and Dean Breeden (MD) with an identical score of 500-28 (creedmored). Ten VFS shooters posted 500-Point 100/200 Grand Aggregates.
   Martinez secured first place honors on Day 1 in the VFS 100 Yard Agg while Larry Feusse (MI) finished second and Josh Shrum (PA) finished third with identical scores of 250-23X (creedmored). Finishing fourth and fifth respectively were Albert Edwards (NY) and Allen Euber (VT).
   Jim Paganelli rallied on Day 2 by capturing the 200 Yard Agg with a score of 250-14X. Robert Brooks finished in second place followed closely by Hillary Martinez in third place. Finishing fourth and fifth respectively were Dean Breeden and Dave Short (PA).


Hunter Class Dean Breeden (MD) brought his A-Game to the PTRC as he continued his dominance of the IBS Hunter Rifle division. Breeden captured the Hunter Rifle Grand Agg award with a score of 500-31X. Second place was secured by Randy Jarvais (ME) while Peter Hills (ME) placed third. Fourth and fifth place finishes in Hunter Grand Agg were earned respectively by Claudio Alzapiedi (NY) and Orland Bunker (ME).
   Breeden won the Hunter 100 Yard Agg with a score of 250-21X. Peter Hills anchored second place followed closely by Randy Jarvais in third place.
   In the Hunter 200 Yard Agg, Dean Breeden again earned gold with a score of 250-10X. Randy Jarvais followed in second place while Peter Hills secured third.

2-Gun Agg
   The 2-Gun Grand Agg division saw Dean Breeden again step to the forefront capturing first place with an amazing score of 1,000-59X. Earning second place in 2-Gun Grand Agg was Randy Jarvais followed by Claudio Alzapiedi in third.

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