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Maryland State 200/300 Championship

Thurmont Conservation & Sportsman's Club

Thurmont Maryland
17 September , 2016

The Maryland State 200/300 yard championship was shot Saturday September 17th. We had 3 relays but only 14 shooters. We had a request for a group of 3 to share equipment so we accommodated them. We had 2 new shooters, along with 1 long time missing in action shooter, Jeff Buchannan blessed Thurmont with his presence.

The morning started out with beautiful blue skies, low humidity which kept the mirage at a minimum. Along with those clouds brought windy switching conditions which only allowed 3 shooters to earn the coveted 250 sticker at 200 yards.

After a brief intermission that included lunch, camaraderie, and the comedy relief flag rotation thanks to Ken Jackson and John Bosley we started the challenging 300 match. After the first target more than half had drop points. (Yes points, plural!)
Target 2 left only Dean Breeden clean which he continued that through match 5.
Winning 200, 300 and the grand with a 500-16X followed by Jeff Buchannan for 2nd place shooting LV with a 497-13X, not bad after a 12 year break. Jim Cline came in 3rd with 496-13X.

This concludes our matches for 2016 at Thurmont and we would like to thank everyone that came to a match, helped with targets, gathered each others flags, and equipment, scoring, and cooking. Hope to see you all again next year.

Dean and Hillary

Equipment List