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Vermont State Meter Championship

Caledonia Forest & Stream Club

St Johnsbury, Vermont
July 16-1 , 2016

The winners, Peter Hills, John Cascarino, Randy Jarvais, and Jim Paganelli.

Another great Vermont State Meters Championship match this weekend with 26 guns. Our range was being shared with regional 4-H Camp-O-Ree and, though busy, everything went very well. As always, lots of great shooting and this year John Cascarino asserted himself as the man to beat by putting up a record tieing 250/23X in Agg-1 and he an Jim Paganelli dueled to a tie in the Grand Agg with 500/34X for both. Of course, this led to the dastardly Creedmoor system and John beat Jim in X-count in Agg-1 by 2 and Jim beat John in Agg-2 by 2, leaving John the winner of the event and Pags lamenting where he could have gained another X.

In Hunter Class, Randy Jarvais put up a 250/10X in Agg-1 only to have a tough time in Agg-2 with a 243/6 and leaving a consistent Peter Hills to take the class with a Grand Agg of 495/17X. Orland Bunker had put up the highest X-count of the class with 18X but his score relegated him to fourth behind Denis Thibault. Timothy O'Mara rounded out the top 5 and Rocky Murray had a broken scope which put him a distant sixth.

Congrats to all the shooters and many thanks to all for the support and patience.


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200 Meters


Grand Aggregate

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