U. S. Score Shooting Hall of Fame

(details updated 6 Feb, 2015)




The Hall Of Fame will recognize points earned at the IBS and NBRSA Nationals, this includes the 100/200, and the 200/300 yard Score Nationals.


1      Points will be awarded starting with the first registered Score Nationals of each organization.

100/200 yard Score Nationals, IBS Hunter 1970, VFS 1983, and NBRSA Hunter1980, VFS 2012.

200/300 yard Score Nationals, IBS 6 Power, and VFS 1995, NBRSA Hunter 2000, VFS 2013.



2      The classes recognized are Hunter, Var. Hunter, and Varmint for Score.

Note: In 1984 IBS added a second 6 power class (Var. Hunter) causing a reduction in the number of competitors in the IBS Hunter Class. HOF points will be awarded to IBS 6 Power shooters by combining the (2) classes, and awarding points to only the best score shot in each yardage, and Grand Agg.


3      Starting in 2011 minimum attendance requirements must be met for points to be awarded. The minimum requirements are (20) competitors per class to qualify for points.


4  POINTS:           

     (1) Point will be awarded for each yardage win.

           (2) Points will be awarded for a Grand Aggregate win.

           (2) Points will be awarded for a 2 Gun win, if and when the 2 Gun is officially  recognized by The Score Nationals, and attendance requirements are met.

           (10) Points are required for induction into The Score Shooting Hall of Fame



Update #1, January 24, 2015, HOF Member Points keeper Gary Long has forwarded me the official list of shooters points so, now we can reveal the names of the 9 People already elegible for induction into the HOF, the list also shows the shooters who are half way there.Below that is a link to a downloadable pdf file with the names of all shooters with one or more points. Preparations for actually presenting the awards are not quite ready, Members will be contacted when the time comes. If you believe you have not been awarded points you earned please do 3 things.

1. Re-read the qualifying rules.

2. Acquire all necessary results to substantiate your claim.

3. Contact Gary Long : garylong5@verizon.net , without documentation your case is very difficult to prove.


Click here for a complete list of all Score shooting HOF point holders



The U.S. Score Shooting Hall Of Fame is an organization totally independent of IBS, we are merely providing a place to display their information.

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