Brian Dent Memorial-GA Long Range Championship Nov 7 & 8 2020 - Red White & Blue

Posted by Jane Dewees at News

We have decided that our regular Georgia State Match will be the Brian Dent Memorial Georgia Long Range Championship. Just to give everyone a quick background on the year. When Tom decided to build a Long Range Benchrest range in Tennille Ga. Brian Dent step up to the plate and did what all good men should do and that was help his neighbor out. Next to Tom Brian he has more hours in grading at the range than most get in 12 months let alone 6. He worked day and night to help us work never asking for a dime. Little did we know that a man that had become mine and others best friend would be buried today. Brian found out he had Cancer in September and passed away from a stroke Tuesday, he said the cancer would not kill him and he was right. He leaves behind a beautiful and loving wife as well as two daughters that are just as beautiful and loving as well as a granddaughter that is on the way. With all of this said here what is going to happen on 11/7/2020 and 11/8/2020 we are going to honor our friend the best way we know how and that’s to have a great time shooting on the range that he helped build we are going to raise some money for the charity of the family choice as well as help the family if they need it . So here is the plan and it may change some as we get closer we will shoot 600 yards on Saturday and as soon as the 600 yard match is over we are going to do a Deer Hunter challenge and maybe even a Turkey Hunters challenge we will have more info on that as we go . I know it is in the middle of the rut in Ga but do like Brian did go hunt in the morning about 30 minutes kill one and enjoy the day. Then on Sunday we will finish with a 1000-yard match, calculate the scores and group Agg. from both 600 and 1000 Yard and name the winner of the first annual Brian Dent Memorial Georgia Long Range Bench Rest Champion.
Sorry for another long post it is hard to describe how much Brian meant to all of us. Please keep Brian’s family in your prayers as well as Tom he lost more than a friend he lost his right hand man when it came to working and talking hunting and fishing.
Look forward to seeing each of you . God Bless