President's Message

           Statement from the IBS President:

The EBoard has spent hours debating the issue of recognizing a couple of records shot in 2017 by shooters who may not have had their membership current despite showing their card at a limited number of matches where they were asked for. This was the most difficult decision we have had to make in my nearly 10 years as President. Ultimately, the EBoard decided to recognize the records, for the reasons below.

  • The shooters were not malicious or trying to skirt the rules. They freely showed cards, when asked, thinking they were valid. Range officials looked at the cards, but simply missed the date. Things happen at a busy registration desk. There was even a case where the shooter paid at the range, but it was not forwarded to the IBS at the time. 
  • When the shooters were made aware of the lapse, they paid immediately. 
  • The policy of the IBS, at least in my tenure, is to give the benefit of the doubt to the shooter.
  • Besides these very important administrative issues, the records WERE shot in IBS registered, “shoulder to shoulder” competition and stand as the best shooting-ever-for the given course of fire. 
  • To avoid a repeat of this difficult situation, we are now notifying all IBS clubs to check ALL cards at ALL matches during registration. The old habit of doing so had fallen by the wayside at most ranges.

The irony of this issue is that a large number of excellent advances in IBS are NOW underway, such as:

  • IBS just signed a contract with a professional web development company to rebuild our web site. That will include an E-Commerce page for membership renewals and an on-line members database. This will also allow our webmaster Jane DeWees to post results more easily and quickly.
  • With the new web structure we are trying like hell to have system in place for secure, on-line voting for members on agenda items THIS YEAR ahead of the 2019 Winter Meeting. That means that members in Minnesota or Mississippi will able to vote on agenda items rather than trekking to Harrisburg, PA in mid-winter for a 3-hour meeting. We have registered matches now from Maine to California, and Montana to Georgia. We need to recognize that. 
  • Jim Cline is working on a Score Shooters’challenge with NBRSA. 
  • I have asked the IBS Exec. VP, Boyd Allen to work with me on the 300 yard challenge among all the types of rifles (benchrest, F-Class, PRS, Tactical). We want to do this in 2019. I have mused about St. Louis, maybe? 
  • The IBS is in the best financial position, ever. 
  • Membership is going up now, in the wake of the demise of Precision Shooting magazine some years ago.

Jeff Stover
IBS President