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Would you like to shoot the most accurate rifles in the world?

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Do you try to squeeze the maximum accuracy from your hunting or varmint rifle?

Do you enjoy competition with some of the friendliest shooters around?

Would you like to improve your shooting skills?

Would you like to learn all aspects of precision shooting from those that really know?

Do you like to have FUN shooting?

Then benchrest shooting may be for you!

You can try shooting either of the 100/200 yard benchrest discipines, Group, Score, or BOTH. Shooting Group entails trying to put all five shots through the same hole-or nearly so. A well-tuned competition rifle will be able to put five shots into .150” or less, measured center to center of the two widest shots. Many targets can be covered by a dime with lots of room to spare. The Score discipline requires equally accurate rifles, but the object for that game is to hit five separate bullseyes. A perfect target would be 50-5x's. IBS also shoots Long Range matches at both 600, and 1000 yards. The Long Range discipline is scored for both Group and Score.

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