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A club desiring to hold registered matches needs to have a range with a minimum of 5 benches with target frames at one or a combination of the following yardages 100/200/300/600/1000.

If you are planning on running 1 aggregate (Yardage) score matches you will not need any stationary or moving backers—if you are planning on running grand aggregate (Multi Yardage) score matches-you will need to have stationary backers as well. Group matches also require moving backers.

A PA system and an emergency cease fire Buzzer will be required for the range officer to use to announce matches and range commands.

A club director will need to be assigned. Please include the Club & Directors address along with payment of $45.00. Make check payable to: IBS Annual Club Dues; send to Joan Borden, 1231 Sheldon Hill Road, Springville PA 18844

To register your match please contact The 1st Vice President & Match Schedule Chairman, Jim Cline at the number listed below.

  • Jim Cline, Phone, (843) 957-6546 E-Mail
  • Joan Borden, Phone, (570) 965-2505 E-Mail
  • Jeff Stover, Phone, (570) 660-6102 E-Mail

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You will also then have the option to pay online!

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