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New 2019 IBS Score Rulebook


The New 2019 IBS Score Rulebook is now available for download under Rules, which can be found on the Home Page.

Executive Vice-President of IBS has Resigned


“Effective March 1, Boyd Allen has resigned as the Executive Vice-President of International Benchrest Shooters.
In recent months, Boyd has been dealing with some health issues.
Jeff Stover, IBS President, accept his resignation with regret.”

2019 Winter Meeting Agenda Items - No Vote


The 2019 IBS Winter Meeting will be held on January 12 in Harrisburg, PA; we have a full agenda and committee reports. This past year there were three rulebook agenda items submitted in the Score and 600 Yard disciplines. The first was a proposal to recognize additional 2-gun and 3-gun aggregates in the Score discipline. The other two relate to Shooter of the Year points system for the 600 Yard disciplines. Per the bylaws, none of the three can be voted on at the meeting because those agenda items need to be posted 45 days in advance of the meeting. This was not done. It is my job to make sure that it is done. As President of the organization I dropped the ball, big time, and did not make sure the items were forwarded for posting on the website.

Fortunately, in the past we have done a good job of following the bylaws, many of those past agenda items were of critical importance. This year was an exception. The 2018 agenda items will be held and considered at the 2020 Winter Meeting.

To make sure this does not happen again, I am going to request-starting now-that each agenda item proposal be first submitted to the President when first circulated. The agenda item must be submitted in Word format. If the petition(s) secures the necessary 25 signatures then scans of all petition pages must me submitted to the President, Chair of the respective discipline committee, Webmaster and Recording Secretary. The respective committees must submit recommendations on each agenda item pertaining to its respective discipline by November 1.

My sincere apologies to all IBS member and the competitors taking part in our matches shooting “The Most Accurate Rifles in the World”.

Just as a clarification the above is NOT RELATED in any way to the recent paper ballots related to the 2018 rules changes and positions of President and 1st VP.


Jeff Stover
IBS President