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IBS 2020 Group SOY Program

The 2020 Group SOY program has been canceled due to insufficient matches being conducted due to COVID-19.

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2019 IBS Ballot and Agenda Items Mailed

Jane Dewees News

IBS ballots/agenda items have been mailed to current members. If you do not receive a ballot/agenda item in the mail by December 14, 2018, please contact Joan Borden and another ballot will be mailed out.

New Addition to the Safety Section of the rule book

Jane Dewees News

The IBS Executive Board, effective October 1, 2018, has unanimously adopted a new safety rule. This new addition to the safety section of the rule book (page 16) covers instances where a shooter experiences a malfunction during competition whereby a loaded cartridge remains stuck in the chamber.

Score Nationals 100-200 Yards

Jane Dewees News

Score Nationals 100-200 Yard - Ashe County Wildlife Club, Laurel Springs, NC:

Due to the pending possible hurricane landfall on the Eastern United States; the official decision tonight has been made to postpone the Score Nationals until October 27th & 28th at Ashe County Wildlife Club, Laurel Springs, NC